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About Us

We know how tempting it can be to indulge in some of our favourite bread  and pastries when, at the same time, we want to stay on top of a  healthy diet. So we've come up with a solution to that.

An artisan Bakeshop from Quezon City offering you the best keto breads and  pastries right at your doorstep. Our goal is to promote a healthier  lifestyle by opting for keto-based diet and to remind people that we  don't need to give up bread and pastry when on a keto diet. Alongside  using keto approved sweeteners, our products contain little to no carbs  which make them one of the healthiest goods around. So if you're looking  to drop a few pounds, gain some muscle, or simply want to treat  yourself guilt-free, then you've come to right place. Our keto breads  and pastries are suitable to all diets and are even best for those with  diabetes.

Check out our products here. We deliver your keto breads and pastries everyday from Tuesday to Saturday. We need 2 days bake time upon payment confirmation.

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